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1962 garway 100 A Teeny Trailer photo

One trailer is interesting, but two might be the start of an obsession; like that third cat, that just pushes you slightly over the line. Suddenly people refer to you as “the trailer people.” And then, you don’t entirely mind that nickname and start referring to yourselves as that.

Plans are loose right now, but generally fixing it up so it doesn’t leak, cleaning out the old/moldy wood and paneling. We hope for it to be a cozy little work space/escape haven to the nearest forest, river, ocean, or neighborhood coffeeshop. (Just imagined us parked outside a coffeeshop to work, inviting strangers to stop in, and it was a good day in my head.) We’ll be posting updates of the restore process with this over on our personal blog: Live a Good Story in a Garway. Yes, we got a “.in” just so we could make sentences out of the web addresses. icon wink A Teeny Trailer photo We might post some photos over here when it’s done, but will try and keep the trailer process madness to a minimum. (You can only be so intrigued by the fact that it was a 3/32″ and not a 3/16″ clutch bit that we needed to take the roof off.) But did want to share it with you for any daydreaming material needed for your own trailer or adventure fantasies.

Happy New Year, friends!

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