Image Usage/Accrediting Info

The assigned image user does not have permission to make copies for sale or for the purpose of circumventing sale of the images by the photographer, nor does Blue Window Creative (the studio) authorize reproductions of the images for commercial use. The assigned is personally responsible for communicating the limitations of this contract to any person who receives a copy of the images. (PR, media, or publication when they are knowingly supplying images.)

The studio (Blue Window Creative) requests that it be credited/tagged on any uploads to social media, such as Facebook photo albums. (ex: Photography:, Images: Blue Window Creative, Photo by Blue Window Creative, etc.) We understand the nature of viral media/images, and that it’s often out of the realm of the assigned. This is for instances where it is under direct control of the assigned, like website, printed portfolio or ad, social media, and when supplying requested media.

Full definition of this usage can be found here.

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