Bio Facts

Mary and Joel Schroeder are both originally from southern Missouri. Joel is trained in Massage Therapy, and also has his BS in Business Administration from the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Mary has her BFA in Graphic Design. They will probably be paying for all of this education monthly via student loans for the next 30 years.

The desire to photograph came from a generic approach to their own wedding images. (Formal training has included one photography class for Mary, lots of googling, and much trial and error.) They believed their life was so much more vibrant and imperfect than what was reflected in the photos they received and started by helping out a friend a month after their own wedding. The name “Blue Window Creative” came from a long list of failed naming scenarios. While driving down a road brainstorming, they saw a blue window at an intersection, and that sounded good. (And easy to spell, which was a priority.) This was much like when Joel proposed, along side a road at 1:37 exactly. (A nod to Empire Records.) Simple, and meant-to-be in a very unassuming way.

They lived in Kansas City, Missouri for four years before heading out to Portland, Oregon in 2008 (for few reasons other than pure desire) and have called it home ever since.

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