Room with a View

The opportunities to impart vintage style in wedding day décor are endless, but much like the stamp search, finding the right pieces takes time, so start collecting early, mix old with new and pick your battles.

“You can’t have everything,” says interior design mastermind Eddie Ross, a KC regular and former editor of Martha Stewart Living. “Get the white plates and silverware from the rental company, but maybe select one different knife and use a different top plate on the charger.”

He suggests dressing the table with a DIY runner—frame the edges of an oversized piece of burlap or use a vintage calico print to set the tone. “You can pull out colors from the fabric print,” he says of the flowery-find. “You’re able to mix the subtle oranges and pinks and greens without it being all Pee-wee’s Playhouse.”

Transform fruit-filled vintage baskets into centerpieces or, for added drama, pull together a collection of milk glass vases. “Creative Candles has the most beautiful pieces. Even if you’re doing something simple like milk glass candle sticks, you can buy the prettiest candles for the table.”

Worried that the old-school look will be a fleeting fad? Ross doesn’t think so.

“It’s not just vintage anymore, it’s being green and recycling and reusing,” he says. “People are really conscious of that now and honestly, going to a party rental place and having the same thing another bride has is a turn off. But if you can have the plates and use something vintage, you can really make it your own.”

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