Facebook & Instagram

There are so many new ways to share images, it’s hard to keep track. It’s no longer just a postcard on the fridge, or busting out an album around the holidays, so we’ve made a simple guide on the two main ones: Facebook and Instagram.

If these are things you might already know, we thank you for properly crediting us! If not, it just takes a few extra seconds to learn, and helps us from not having to put ugly watermarks everywhere. We liked working with you and if your friends are anything like you – we may like creating images with them, someday. Thanks for helping us continue making good images for good people.

Accreditation 2 Facebook & Instagram photo

If someone can see an image we made, but can’t find a trail back to us/our work, it needs to be credited. Always have a way back to our work whenever someone can see an image. If it’s your cover photo and you made it from an image in your photos that was credited, it won’t carry over and needs to be credited again. (Sorry, Facebook is evil sometimes.)

Accreditation 1 Facebook & Instagram photo

Just start typing in @blue window creative, and we’ll pop up as a clickable tag. If that doesn’t work, link directly to our page: http://facebook.com/bluewindowcreative


Instagram Crediting 1 200x300 Facebook & Instagram photo

We spend a lot of time editing images to make them feel non-digital, resembling film. Please don’t put Instagram filters on them. Otherwise stuff like this will be out in the universe and people will come to us for some over-zealous sepia tones.

Instagram Crediting 2 200x300 Facebook & Instagram photo

Our Instagram is @maryandthejoel. You can reference us in the image caption, even if you don’t follow our feed.

Instagram Crediting 4 200x300 Facebook & Instagram photo

This works great, but only in addition to crediting @maryandthejoel in the caption.

Instagram Crediting 3 200x300 Facebook & Instagram photo

We can be added in under “Add People,” but credit us in the caption, as well. (People will assume we were physically there, instead of also making the image.)

PinExt Facebook & Instagram photo